Apollon glyph Meditations with the Transneptunians


The energy of Apollon entered as a bright, radiant, shining white solar being, positive and full of assurance, with a laurel wreath of victory on his head.

Apollon relates to energy in manifestation – he is a light-being, forthcoming and open.

He is Light and brilliance (not in the intellectual sense, tho it can manifest there as well)

Apollon is the Light shining thru the prism, and also is the prism that unfolds the full-spectrum rainbow out of that pure light, breaking a pure energy stream into differentiated multiplicity in manifestation so that it can be experienced more fully. This is a different flavor of manifestation than the cornucopia of Cupido.

This is the finely cut gemstone, a diamond cut to show all its potential radiant brilliance from all angles.

Apollon is the Sacred Geometer, master of divine proportion, measure and harmonics, all of which are manifestations of the unfolding expression of universal laws and principles. There is beauty and rhythm here.

Multiplicity – fractals, sacred spirals, Fibonacci series - which echo the same out into further permutations. It is this same principle that manifests multiplicity of any gift, lesson, or expression, so that we may know and experience it from more than one perspective and thus gain greater depth of understanding.

This one is a master of energy in all the ways it moves and manifests.

Apollon is more extraverted than other ones (transneptunians) we have visited.

Commerce, business, money exchange – these are manifestations of energy dynamics. Money is a form of energy, and its movement and exchange provide one perspective or measure of relative value as it shifts, cycles, and fluctuates.

"Rhapsody in Blue" - Gershwin's jazzy modern classic - complex, upbeat, forward moving, busy, multifaceted.

This energy just *is* – it has neutrality, non-investment, non-attachment. It has acceptance of universal flow as a medium and process.

Apollon has a natural curiosity of "what if??", then moves to manifest and explore all the options.

It is like a reckless field of wildflowers.

Recalls Gregory Bateson's learning levels model in which each level considers the context as a dimension of the content in the previous level. Apollon provides the opportunity to take a step back, to see the whole context within which the variability of possibilities of expression manifest, to see the forest as the entire ecosystem and not get lost in focusing on the individual tree. Thus, it is a teacher of life and life processes. Unfortunately, not many seize this opportunity of totality of perspective, but rather do focus on the separate pieces or "notes" of the whole composition. Then, fragmentation and distraction result rather than balance, awareness, integration and flow.

Recalls the Buddhist concept of "interdependent arising", which understands the extreme multiplicity of factors interacting that bring about any situation, thus dispelling any illusion of singular "cause" or "blame". Kindness, acceptance and compassion arise from understanding this gift of Apollon, as the vast interplay weaving the cosmic web allows all, and de-personalizes for greater freedom.

This is like a complex ecosystem, where every plant, animal, element has its place within the interactive whole.

There is an element of gaming, speculation, risk-taking, and then moving on. Apollon is energy movement, dynamic, never static - a master of manifestation, somewhat like the Tarot card of The Magician.

Variability of coin, diversity.

Like watching a kettle of stew simmering, all the bubbles forming, rising, popping, splashing, rolling on ...

Apollon has fire/air energy.

Like druzy quartz or a crystal cluster, many shining facets and points radiating out in all directions.

Apollon rules kaleidoscopes!

This energy is like a group of drums from Africa or India, or a Balinese gamelan orchestra, each instrument beating its own pattern, all of which combine into a beautiful, complex, organized power movement of rhythm and sound, awakening the lifeforce energy in all who hear. This is a call to wake up, move, and join the dance of life in joy and possibility – dazzling!

++ Denver, 26 August 2001 ++