"The best intuitive intelligence psychologist ... Janis Page readings as an astrologer feel like sound healing, the most profound and intelligently intuitive psychology"
Silvia Nakkach MAMMT, musician, author, voiceculturist


It is an amazing time to be an astrologer… I have been an astrologer for a few decades, but now the possibilities in astrology in the 21st century are expanding explosively, with new capacities with our computers and technology, which is a far cry from the old days of computing charts by hand. But beyond that, astronomy is also moving to greater levels of achievement with the discovery of a wide range of space phenomena, from newly discovered planets, asteroids, centaurs, black holes, pulsars, quasars, blazers, kuiper belt objects, and more. With the discovery of far distant Sedna, our solar system doubled in size. Many astrologers aren’t ready to move beyond the previously known solar system. Indeed, many are moving back in time to focus on the early classics, the astrology of several centuries ago. I am one of many who are embracing the astrology of the 21st century, willing to feel like a perpetual beginner again, learning about the new members of our cosmic family as I can.

Site launch charts Dec 11 2007. 11:53am. Denver, CO
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I am a professional consulting astrologer. I incorporate about 70 asteroids, the eight uranian transneptunians, and some of the other newly discovered planetary beings in my charts and readings. I will say that I read a chart the same way that I play the piano, when I never feel obligated to play all 88 keys in any one piece! But more is there, and incredible detail becomes possible. My readings include discussion of the natal chart, transits, secondary progressions, solar arc directions, solar return charts. I see a chart as a mandala of our soul’s growth, or humorously, our contract in our lifetime orientation packet! Occasionally, if needed, a reading might include a bit of healing work, or instruction in clearing, shielding, or other spiritual warrior skills. I have done chart readings for people on every continent except Africa (yes, even Antarctica). I also work with relationship astrology, and the harmonic connections between charts. It is possible to schedule an astrology reading in the Offerings section.

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