Artists impression of black hole

Meditation with a black hole

~ the energy came in like a dense cannonball meteorite from the upper southwest - initially, it 'spoke' with a low rumble, can discern thought/intent more than words (this clarified to a more understandable 'voice' soon, after some acclimation

~ seemed like an unstable wormhole at first, an open tunnel moving around at the other end - could see light thru it. the idea seemed tobe that they are openings and corridors with multiple dimensional opportunities - different from stargates, black holes are at once unidirectional and omnidirectional, feels very powerful, very primal, but with a sophistication of function

~ it is easiest to access the energy of black holes thru the north pole area from this planetary being, Earth - the magnetic field is more conducive to it, and the northern lights can work with the energy to some degree as deflectors/amplifier 'amphitheatre' to 'hear the sound'. the south pole is not as good

~ it is possible to access them by triangulating with stars, much as one does for that kind of time travel

~ since this is a strong position (North) I asked if this black hole is the one where my Chiron is placed, or another - was told it was an energy (being) that is of the nature of the network of black holes - that there are so many more than we know

~ it (showed me the network) looked like a colander of holes and passageways! but to know that while there are many that our scientists have not seen yet - they are as elusive as they can be obvious when seen and focused on - there are also billions that seldom if ever open into this time-space dimension that we inhabit, for the most part - some who are human have fewer constraints, as I will understand

~ but this dimension is 'like a pantry in a mansion of hundreds, thousands of rooms' tho it is important for its special qualities

~ was given an energy imprint to help develop the alliance with this class of beings, with some guides present to assist and monitor

~ Mahakala and many of the wrathful ones have this type of energy as part of the nature of their being, much as the transneptunians are interdimensional beings

~ I asked, what the impact is of a black hole conjunct a planet in a natal chart. (answer given -) They do have some variation of theme or color, so to speak, but the effect is to amplify and widen that energy's opening to universal energy and flow, enabling and empowering one to move further beyond the very narrow window of sensory limitations and perception that we project as defining reality, thus increasing potentiality, including enabling a greater amount of the individual's essence to enter into and function thru their physical vessel. it is not always easy, for many are not well-prepared for an expanded perception and experience of reality

~ whales are a primary planetary recordkeeper group - they are among the animals with a strong star alliance, as you know. they are aware of the black hole network and hear it and communicate thru it - keep working with and supporting the cetaceans! know that because of their interplanetary nature, when they become extinct on this planet they will continue their existence in other 'places' on other dimensions - for now, they perform a great service to the planet in helping it keep some interconnectedness and protection thru sound, and by being a mighty anchor for universal compassion and awareness

++ Denver, 21 August 2003 ++