Hades glyph Meditations with the Transneptunians


The energy entered like an ancient sea monster rising from the depths of the sea. It is so slow, ancient beyond the limitations of this known 3-dimensional time and space. The energy is profound, sentient, chthonic, instinctual, has natural inherent integrity.

Relates to "ancestral ash" – primordial DNA strands, also including psychic genetic encoding of family patterns, both "curses" and "gifts".

Instinctual, recalls komodo dragons, early Australian aborigines who are primitive yet visionaries (whose art is representation of pure energy forms and patterns, which they see), and very enmeshed with nature and nature beings (Dreamtime). Tribal consciousness which has no sense of individuated/personalized self separate from the rest of creation and nature. Stark yet profound and rich in its own way.

Deals with disintegration, but there is no negative/"bad" judgement or perception of it, rather merely as an inevitable and needed part of all natural processes and cycles. Very much part of and in alignment with universal laws and principles. The Kali Yuga.

Definitely shamanic, relates to other/higher/lower dimensions and crossing into them. Relates to shamanic peoples from different cultures as they all cross the veils into the Unknown, for exploration, healing, spirit travel, vision, and ??

This energy has utterly no concern for pretense, socialization or civilized programming of values. Here are the places, people, situations where fine and stylish clothing and an MBA degree are less than useless. This is primordial and ancient resonant bone, not niceties of external form – not that it has to be "ugly", it need not be! Authentic to the core, yes.

Recalls the pre-Buddhist Tibetan BonPo shamanic lineage, which embodies much of this energy as evidenced thru their use of skullcup ritual offering chalices, kanglings (human thigh-bone trumpets), etc, all echoing the impermanance of all. Recall Robert Powell's book "Earth, door, sky, door :paintings of Mustang", of a Himalayan area (Nepal?) with blood soaked mounds with yak horns sticking up out of the top, these mounds as protectors. Some of Georgia O'Keefe's art is similar.

Relates to ancient protector spirits of sacred sites and some geographical areas, which may be magical lightbeings, may be "wrathful deities", or "trolls", or animal-like, may be kindly or hostile spirits which dwell in (and emerge from) stone cliff walls, mountains, rivers, etc ...

This energy relates to the Bardo states, the "hell realms" – as they exist, and as there is "seepage" across into our "ordinary" world where the veils are thin. Some kinds of energy leakage.

To approach this energy, one must "drop the garment of Self" and know that one is "no more and no less than a speck of cosmic dust" – (this neutral universal perspective is both humbling and liberating, but does not function at the ego level) Deals with a stark, core level of reality – yes, the old crones, those who have lost all to the essential self.

Hades allows you (your essential self) the right to be, you must allow it the right to be – on its own terms. It can bring great compassion, patience and healing, deepening.

Asked about how it compares to Pluto – Pluto is more active, more about will, and the pursuit, use and abuse of power. Hades has no personal component to power and abuse like that.

Asked about how it compares to Neptune, which can also relate to weakened energy and energy leakages – again, with Neptune this is more likely to happen on more personal levels, ie. a person you know is being an energy vampire and trying to drain you, or you are doing it to yourself. With Hades, the energy leakage or energy body damage can be interdimensional in causation, can relate to "loss of soul" over time and space. Both may bring energy loss thru disease. The Hades related problems are more likely to need shamanic healing and repatterning.

Asked if modern physics is getting closer to reaching this energy with its work moving beyond particle/wave, quantum etc. Got that while physics has moved beyond the edge of the "known", that it is still headed in the same basic direction, while Hades is "below" the plane of their exploration. Science is not yet able to find and move thru the interdimensional grid to "inner space" that is of a much more subtle energy ... maybe in time.

++ Denver, 6 August 2000 ++