Kronos glyph Meditations with the Transneptunians


Very assertive and take-charge energy ... on his terms and timing, the Kronos energy and information started coming in strongly while I was still engaged in a previous meditation as part of it, moving me to do the Kronos meditation immediately following, which I did.

The energy then entered not as a single being, but as a High Council (of 9?), all in long regal robes of authority ... they all sat in a semi-circle, while one who is a leader, holding a large aquamarine, sat with me to talk.

So, this energy may be held by one, or by several together.

High authority and leadership – there is great responsibility to this energy.

Yet, it is an energy that in its highest expression holds a clear sky-blue aquamarine, the universal stone that works with universal laws and principles, and how they are interdependent and interrelate.

This tells me the highest authority is one that serves not only with power but with true humility, as a mediator and bridge to universal laws and principles, not as one who capriciously "makes up the rules" to his convenience.

There is recognition of "As above, so below", and understanding of the responsibility therein.

He is the king, the ruler, the leader.

This energy and the High Council aspect of it is what the founding fathers modeled the US Supreme Court to be – they should be the ones who serve the law with clarity and impartiality, with intelligence and wisdom.

In its high expression, this energy has keen intelligence and perception balanced and tempered by a wise heart.

Kronos is diplomatic, has equanimity and altruism.

It is a wonderful thing when humans can allow this energy to express thru them without interfering or distorting it with their personal agendas.

A master strategist, capable of great patience and discipline, also capable of immediate and clear decision and action when needed.

Kronos can be stern, harsh and unrelenting, yet is also capable of great kindness and generosity.

There is a wider range of potential and expression in this higher authority than there is with Vulcanus, though some qualities are shared, and again less so with Zeus and his organized tribes of warriors and vigilantes ... all three of these masculine energies have power and their form of discipline, as well as their various means of warrior expression .

This energy may not disclose all that it knows – there is discernment and discretion.

Kronos has an element of the master teacher to it – he can carry amethyst and lapis as well as aquamarine.

Spiritual responsibility – responsible to Spirit, and to those Kronos is responsible for .

This is the leader, the one who sets the energy pattern for a group or organization.

This energy manifests in the animal kingdom with greater understanding if not consciousness than is often found in humans.


Kronos likes structure, organization, geometry, principles, processes.

As embodied by his glyph, Kronos has a solid ground, reaches out with strength and centeredness to community and to allies, and carries an umbrella of protection .

This energy is stable and complex.

Kronos sees and plans in the view of the long-term, never immediate gratification, never short-sighted.

It is easy to see the ways humans aspire to this energy and the ways they succeed as well as the ways they fall short, sometimes with devastating consequences .

This energy does not aspire to be a hero, but to serve what is right and true.

Kronos has great dignity, but in balance, with no arrogance.

There is a great protective nurturing quality here that encourages growth, responsibility, success, integrity, and true well-being by being in balance with the greater whole.

Kronos knows that respect is earned, and that respect may be tested.

With a smile, the energy told me that it can come inside you and move you forward to do the right thing in spite of yourself!

It has receptivity and response, but does not forget that it holds the responsibility .

Kronos may be swift and decisive, but it is never unthinking or impulsive.

It understands the importance of context and of timing.

There is a "gentle giant" quality here.

Kronos is an activator, a motivator, a mediator, a leader, a bridge to Spirit, a teacher, a guide and a guardian.

++ Denver, 9 March 2002 ++