The Four Suns of HD 98800

Direct Inquiry Meditations

As a bee seeks nectar
from all kinds of flowers,
seek teachings everywhere.

Like a deer that finds a quiet place to graze,
seek seclusion to digest all you have gathered.

Like a lion, live completely free of all fear.
And, finally, like a madman, beyond all limits,
go wherever you please.

A Tantra of Dzogchen

I have taken the advice of this Dzogchen tantra from “The Crystal and the Way of Light”, by Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche to heart. It is one of my favorites! That said, I began doing my “direct inquiry” meditations many years before I was blessed to meet this great master and begin receiving teachings from him and reading his books.

I began studying with my Native American master wisdom holder teachers almost twenty years ago. One favorite class was rocks and crystals, in which we would learn to engage with the energies of various rock friends in the mineral kingdom, and communicate with them to learn about the nature and qualities of their energies. Eventually, we learned that we didn’t need to hold the rock in our hand and we could still talk with our rock friends. It didn’t take me long to think… hmmmm…. If I can talk to little rocks, can I talk to bigger rocks ~ the planets?? Working with stones and blueprints, which are basic geometric shapes that can serve as a foundation and container for such meditations, I invited the planetary beings to engage with me. It worked! I soon had done meditations with each of the traditional planets, each of which offered great insight into these planetary beings.

Yes, it sounds crazy, and yes, it moves well beyond our conditioned limitations, as the Dzogchen tantra advises.

Then over the next several years, I did direct inquiry meditations with Chiron, and several constellations. I began to study uranian astrology, and was having a hard time understanding the nature of the eight uranian transneptunians (TNPs) in a workable way. Here was a new challenge, as these planetary beings are invisible! Some say they are imaginary, some describe them as hypothetical. Certainly, they are controversial in astrology. My sense is that they are invisible, interdimensional beings that can impact us physically, not unlike the angelic realm, the fairy kingdom, and other subtle dimensions. I saw the uranian TNPs working in every chart I read. I tried doing meditations to invite these invisible planetary beings to tea, so to speak, and those meditations are among the most powerful. Since then, I have also done meditations with a black hole (with permission and some instruction from my spirit Mentors) and with Eris and her moon, Dysnomia. As more and more planetary beings are entering our awareness, there will be many more meditations to do. For now, here are notes from recent direct inquiry meditations. Enjoy!