Black Madonna of Częstochowa, Poland

Pluto and the Black Madonna

Most view Pluto, and also Saturn, as these heavily masculine god-archetypal energies, but my sense and experience of them both is that they are more accurately pre-gender split, containing both masculine and feminine energies. Saturn relates to structure and manifestation, which are feminine functions...

We see Pluto as this small, fierce, icy rock at the edge of the 20th century solar system (we see much more beyond Pluto, now...) But when approaching Pluto on an energy level, it has a huge rosy golden energy field. This little one is not at all small....

Pluto is traditionally understood to relate to power and the abuse of it... here we find rape, terrorism, gangs ~ any situation in which someone tries to force their will over that of another. Pluto also has the primary "hooks" of sex, money, and power, all of which are ultimately interchangable at that level. However, the only thing that ultimately works with Pluto is surrender to spirit ~ not surrender in the sense of giving up, but surrender in the sense of letting go of resistance, and trusting and allowing higher guidance.

Pluto also has a dual masculine and feminine nature, and perhaps this is reflected in this planetary being as a dual being with moon Charon, as the barycenter lies between them, not within the body of Pluto. The little-known or understood feminine expression of Pluto is the archetype of the Black Madonna, who is black for having gone thru the fires of the underworlds of hell, and being transformed into a being of pure, absolute compassion, with an absence of need and nothing to lose ~ now that's power, not how thick your stock portfolio is.

This is the archetype that will bring the patriarch to its knees, and as such is the most suppressed of the archetypes. But the attempts at such suppression increasingly fail, as the powerful feminine is emerging everywhere.