Poseidon glyph Meditations with the Transneptunians


The energy entered as female, a mermaid rising from rippling, shimmering waters, offering a rich abundance of imagery in the first moment – a very generous being.

This is the master of psychic imagery, spiritual aspiration, and of the heart's longing - all senses opened, gifted, and transcended.

Heard vocal music that shimmers, like the most exquisite works of Arvo Pärt, John Adams, Steve Reich – full of ever-expanding pulsing and ripples of sound.

The sound of Universal Manifestation that can be clairaudiently heard, that is a magical blend of a full range vocal AH, the gentle gurgling sound of a river stream, and subtle fairy bells woven throughout.

From this primordial sound arises the most exquisite and delicate of rainbows.

The elements are water and light – here is shown how water as a fertile medium receives the light, dances as the light is reflected, amplified, absorbed, and refracted all at once.

This creates illusion, delusion, inspiration, and delight.

There is a tender longing to the energy that beckons one beyond the earthbound dimension.

The lovely mermaid as personification is telling of how the energy is both instinctual and of the creative unconscious, and is also spiritually sophisticated and subtle, and also participates in the magical fairy kingdom realm.

Here is fantasy, inspiration, longing.

For as remote and refined as this energy is, she has a natural alliance and resonance with our own Moon, the closest and most personal of our celestial family.

Flowers, which exist for ethereal, voluptuous beauty.


Has a quality like rainbow moonstone.

The mermaid let out a high pitched cry that opened the crack between the worlds – this is the potential of vocal overtoning when done with clear intent and receptivity.

It is clear to see that this energy relates to glass and mirrors, that which lets light thru, or reflects it back, in either case not taking on whatever it is that passes thru or reflects back... it stays pure and true to its nature.

This is also the breaking of that glass or mirror! there is subtlety, fragility.

An invitation was given to open, to Listen, to allow the shimmering sound to fill me and pulse thru me in a spiral movement, the exhilarating effect of which was a good energy clearing and recharge.

The energy then invited me to participate by offering vocal overtoning which I did, and which pleased the energy.

This feels like the realm of the angelic.

Ascension and expansion.

This energy can create light as well as reflect or refract it.

As light carries consciousness, this energy inspires and assists those who can relate to this subtlety of refinement of energy, helping them move toward en-light-enment.

It is also very easy to mistake an illusion or mirage for what is real.

The energy calls for faith, but also patient grounded discernment.

One can get lost here – it can be the hall of mirrors of optical calcite.

This energy can be very seductive.

The entrapping seduction and illusion is how and why this energy is used in media and propaganda, where the intent is to manipulate the perceptions, beliefs, feelings and experience of the receiver thru deliberate projected psychic imagery.

Like a pretty rainbow shining thru a diamond-shaped facet inside an ice-pink danburite crystal, deceptively sweet and pretty for an exceedingly potent and sophisticated stone and energy.


A unicorn approached – another mythical being of far greater depth and power than is usually seen or understood.

This energy is solidly in alignment with universal law and principle, with compassion, truth, equanimity, altruism and acceptance.

But when approached thru the frailties of the human factor, one will more likely experience the diffraction or mirage qualities.

It is not the fault of the glass or mirror that it is dusty.

When approached with clarity and humility, it will reflect with clarity.

Poseidon relates to the clear light dimension of the Buddhist.

This energy lies beyond the ability of the mind to 'figure it out'.

Pods of dolphins and whales, the master record-keepers and masters of communication.

This energy is a collective energy with far-reaching recall.

Art or music that aspires to spirit and transcendence is of this energy.

Idealism, the sometimes bittersweet spiritual longing for union with spirit that can pull one to consciously embark on a spiritual path.

This energy is a gateway to other dimensions.

This realm is inhabited by spiritual guides and mentors!

There is great healing possible thru this energy that naturally begins when one steps into universal flow.

Spiritual teleology.

Gratitude and devotion help one to connect with this energy.

It is not sentimental.

As Indira's web showed the golden threads that interconnect all beings, Poseidon reveals the dynamic watery grid, where every thought, intent, feeling and act ripples out, and our responsibility to all other beings and their right-to-be, not only around us, but in other dimensions and echoing into the past and future as well, as this dynamic watery grid extends beyond this time and space.

This energy is related to the winds and channels of our subtle energy body.

Poseidon is master of the art of dreaming, and the lessons and practices that are possible there.

Relates to all psychic senses, most notably clairvoyance and clairaudience.

Poseidon can be exuberant, and prayerful.

++ Denver, 13 March 2002 ++