The energy is slow beyond belief ... cold, beyond time and space as we experience them.

For decades, Sedna has been conjunct the uranian transneptunian (TNP) Admetos, and as there is much overlap in energy and meaning, it is not so easy to separate them. (note – Sedna's year is about 11,000 years, while Admetos' year is about 630 years, so they are not the same. Sedna is so incredibly far out from the Sun that the discovery and inclusion more than doubled the size of our solar system!).

Sedna does not operate on a personal level, tho it is likely when closely contacting a personal planet, it takes you to a deeper place with it, more to the universal authenticity of expression of a planet. For those who function solely on a personal ego level, this isn't pretty! (like Pluto in this).

Go Deep! Sedna's sacrifice created sustenance for the people.

There was a glimpse of at least another one planetary being further out beyond Sedna.

Sedna is deeply shamanic and otherworldly, not of this mundane world.

I asked my spiritual Mentors and guides to assist, and invited Sedna to come – she's lovely! Sylph-like, slender, long straight black hair flowing almost to her knees – also long fingers (not severed, as in the myth). She has exceedingly intense deep, dark eyes and gaze, smokey, fiery, electric, powerfully penetrating. Dark energy, dark caramel complexion. But aii! those eyes! She's very fluid in her movements. Sedna is very wrathful in her energy, very much 'cut the crap.'

Sedna can bring to the surface old unresolved issues and blockages from ancient times (past lives) to more recent experience, for ripening of the karmic seeds for purging and purifying of the issues.

There is a deeper aspect to my work I will start to increasingly come into ... I am to work with this energy (strongly placed in my chart). I know what it is to drown, to be abandoned and betrayed, to release and forgive, and I've been going thru her 'watery furnace' of purification for years. There is very little left of 'me' (my note – not so sure I agree with that!!).

Reminded of the image in a book of Tibetan Buddhist teachings, the image of not following a spiritual path when there is the capacity and opportunity to do so in a lifetime being like a small child playing with toys in a room in a house that is burning to the ground.

This energy is so deep, and yet 'high' – like subtoning with high overtones? – that few can connect or touch it, or are ready for the level of (ego) surrender, release, and 'sacrifice' called for to approach her 'altar.' She will remain a 'dumb note' for most for some time, yet assist as possible as we collectively move thru the purging and purification we as a planetary collective are entering.

No, it is no 'accident' that for those of us who can take first steps to engage with this archetypal planetary being that we find our Sedna conjunct Admetos. Sedna is the next harmonic, just as Admetos is to Saturn – ("as you have aptly said, Admetos makes Saturn look 'perky'!").

She did a slow, flowing, spiral dance (reminded me of some of the Tibetan ritual dance) clockwise for a while, then with a low, slow scooping movement, turned counterclockwise for a moment – retrograde (Rx)! Direct motion creates, moves new ground, while retrograde motion releases and discharges the energy to balance for the next movement forward in the spiral.

My deep alliance with whales and dolphins help me to connect to her – the deeper, the higher, and their deep connection with the cosmos. I played my koauau iwi toroa (Maori albatross bone flute) for her and gave her pearls.

Sedna is one of the sentries for this solar system. She 'colors' and 'shapes' what comes thru the stargates. She has her 'work' and it really is not appropriate to 'bother' her with that which is trite and small, or outside her domain. She will work with us as needed and possible, in her own time and way.

I heard 'Lullaby for Nabroth' (one of my piano compositions). The Inuit, and the explosive wild ferociousness of Iceland and Greenland helped to prepare me for this meeting, the energy adjustment and infusion I got from them while flying over those countries. Note Bjork - check her chart as she embodies a good human interpretation of this energy. Listen again to the Inuit throat singing the women do. Note the fire in their breath ~ do it myself and see what this fire breath does for my focus, awareness and energy! (I did so....)

Aurora Borealis – remember that the North Pole is our most accessible gateway to beyond Earth. Sedna is another facet of the gem that is the Black Madonna archetype in a far more primordial and wrathful expression, closer to Ekajati. She is a dakini.

There is an enormous influx of energy and assistance coming into this (Earth) planetary being now. Be still to perceive and ride the wave of it, the light that can only be seen thru the darkness, the sound that can only be heard in total silence. (heard the soft low piano notes at the end of 'Path of Stillness') When possible, do another yangti dark retreat (3 days).

Not only be still enough, but also actively work to release old limitations, conditioning, habituation. Open your energy ('outer rushen'). This purging energy can help to break up (dissolve? shatter?) cellular memory and patterning that no longer serves, except to limit. (neuropeptides?) Mostly note to allow time and energy for both deep stillness and presence, and for action, movement and sounding. Both are needed in turn.

Closer to the equator there is much earthly distraction of senses and engagement – more extraverted, outward direction of focus, as opposed to the contemplative, less populated far north (and near the south pole, tho it's different there). Also those high places like the Tibetan plateau, where the raw, wild energy also is present.

Sedna then appeared holding a peacefully sleeping baby wearing a fur-lined hood in the deep cold. Quiet scene ... the background was a deep, vibrant cobalt blue. Something new is coming into being. Allow it ... slowly, silently. I sat quietly with the energy for a long time ...

++ Denver, 25th December 2008 ++