Vulkanus glyph Meditations with the Transneptunians


Vulcanus came as a giant, a titan, towering over as a solid muscle mass, with a powerfully broad chest and shoulders, and extremely well-endowed ... powerful mature warrior masculine energy. He was not aggressive or hostile, though he embodies tremendous potential force.

Greatly amplifies, activates, heats up anything it touches.

This energy can be patient – he can bide his time, aim well, and blast through seemingly any blockage or obstacle with a laser-focus intensity, and the beam of activation may be narrow or wide, as needed.

This energy has a strong alliance with fire and with wind – fire, to activate and ignite, to access and release core energies, and wind, to carry the energy to its intended destination.

Saw the triangle, recognizing the qualities of its speed, its ability to focus and to cut into or through.

Saw arrows, which are focused and sent, carried by the winds to their intended target. Then saw a decorated Tibetan 'dadar', a long-life arrow with colored ribbons for the five Buddha families and a 'melong' – the Dzogchen mirror of reflection of clear-mind awareness. This energy can access, activate and move core lifeforce energy. Arrows-Eros?

Sheer force with potential for great destruction or breakthrough healing
– it can relate to fevers, which burn out for purification.

Tremendous power and direction to this one, yet it has a feeling of neutrality to its intent and action, with no sense of a personal identity/ego or attachment, arrogance, or pushiness. Has a strong self-identity, yet a clear "personality" nonetheless, with no personal agenda (such as reinforcing authority).

This energy calls to mind the Archangel Michael, or Manjushri, the Sworded-Ones who cut through illusion or error with clarity and speed. These Sworded-Ones are more of pure Light tho, whereas Vulcanus has more fire and density to his energy. Like the Sworded-Ones his energy movement can be very powerful, fast and direct – there is not much interference or resistance to it.

Saw the volcanic heat-vents at the bottom of the ocean, which enable whole ecosystem communities of life to thrive where they could not otherwise exist in the deep, dark cold of the ocean floor.

There is a root-chakra base lifeforce kundalini energy here that when kindled can ignite life, or destroy it. There is a chthonic (underworldly) source to it.

People sometimes identify this power and force as their own, and may bring about tremendous accomplishment and motivation, but also potential overwhelm, burnout and destruction or disintegration. The feeling is that this energy does not like to be abused. While it has neutrality and non-investment to it, it is not blind, and it does have passion.

There is a sense of self-authority to it.

Vulcanus does relate to volcanoes! And as such, should be understood to be a natural and needed function within the natural order – that of release to balance where pressure has become too much, often allaying what could otherwise be much more far-reaching destruction.

If properly and appropriately positioned, this energy can be called upon to assist with psychic energy clearing – but *with caution!* ("trained professional – kids, don't try this at home")!! Recognize it as a vehicle for universal energy, which is infinite, has full potential, and moves at the speed of light.

A well-directed blast of Vulcanus can "wiggle awake the Sun" – awaken someone's individuality and Essence out of the collective societal slumber ... it can help one to align with it and connect to Spirit.

There can be liberating glory with this, and "spiritual fecundity".

++ Denver, 6 March 2001 ++