My Instruments

Crosscultural music and instruments are mentioned many times on this website, so it seemed like a good idea to provide a brief introduction to some of them. Most people know what a piano and guitar look and sound like, so here are some photos of less commonly known instruments from around the world that are in my collection, along with sound clips for some of them so you can get a better sense of their sound and energy. Where possible and appropriate, I have included the musical key of the instruments, what they are made of, and the names of the makers of these fine instruments, as many people like to know that information.



From the left:
'Flying turtle' traditional eucalyptus yidaki in C, Australia
Aspen in C#, Ben Hicks, Colorado
Agave in D, Allan Shockley, Arizona
Traditional eucalpytus yidaki in Eb, Gurraramawuy Munyarryun, Australia
Stringy bark eucalyptus in F, Bob Druett, Australia

Sound samples

  Bob Druett eucalyptus, F

  Ben Hicks aspen, C#

  'flying turtle' eucalyptus, C

Native American flutes

NA flutes

(front row)
Papago flute in G#, Pat Partridge, Texas
Cherry in E, Andrew Begay, Illinois
Cedar in Gm, Colyn Peterson, Nebraska
Spaulted maple in E, Gary Kuhl, Oregon
Ceramic G#, John Kulias, Colorado
Port Orford cedar deep bass F#, Pat Haran, Arizona

Sound samples


  Colyn Peterson in Gm

  Pat Haran deep bass F#

Maori flutes

Koauau iwi toroa (albatross bone side-blown flute) – Rangi Kipa, New Zealand (inset: detail of etching)
Black maire nguru (nose flute) – James Webster, New Zealand

Koauau and nguru

Sound samples


Tibetan Singing Bowls

Some of my best Tibetan singing bowls, tingshas (small cymbals), and Tibetan bell and dorje.

Tibetan singing bowls, tingshas, bell and dorje

Sound sample

  tingshas, large jambati singing bowl, rimmed and struck

Tibetan ritual instruments

From left: chod rattle drum, kangling bone trumpet, conch shell, antique Tibetan shaman's drum, bell and dorje, damaru rattle drum

Tibetan instruments

Sound sample

  shaman's drum, chod drum, damaru rattle drum



Udu (ceramic pot),
Tea bowl rattle-drum – Z Bruce Gray, New Mexico,
Cajon (drum box) – Gregg Wilkins, Colorado,
Tabla drums,

Sound samples

  cajon and udu

  tabla drums