Music Sound Healing

The field of sound healing is considered cutting edge in alternative healing and integrative therapeutic practices, and yet healing by means of sound and music is one of the most ancient forms of healing. I like to consider the basic principles, such as vibration, harmonics, entrainment, and resonance, and to see how current clinical and alternative sound healing applications are so like so many of the ancient sound healing modalities.

Music and sound impact us on all levels, providing a gateway to awareness, deepening, and integration. Just passive listening to music can within a few minutes change your heartbeat, breathing, brainwaves, your pulse, your emotional state, and more. How much more so when we are active participants in the music and sound. We are vibrational beings, and sound can indeed move us. The field is exploding, with work being done in a wide range of modalities from scientific applications such as binaural brainwave entrainment to music therapy, and music thanatology, to vocal toning and harmonic overtone chanting, to crosscultural shamanic healing modalities, and more.

There are references in many cultures that sound is the first impulse. Nada Brahma ~ the world is sound. In the beginning was the Word…. Tibetan Buddhist/Dzogchen teachings say that first there is sound. From sound arises light… from light, the rays. From the rays come the five elements, and from the elements all else comes into manifestation. Also, that there is outer sound, inner sound and secret sound….