Earth Rebirthing, Sound Healers, and Whales and Dolphins

Something is happening. Things are changing, the foundation is breaking down, time is compressing and accelerating, and we are coming unbound from it. The image came to me of the Earth looking like a burlap sack filled with puppies, playing, bouncing, and bulging out. Clearly, the Earth is going thru some changes here… it feels as if the Earth herself is going thru a clearing and rebirthing process of some sort, and she is working to dissipate and release the building energy however possible. The energy field is quite turbulent and chaotic.

For at least several years now, healers, notably sound healers, have been connecting, and in the connecting an energy network is being woven. Some sound healers are aware of this, many are not, yet whenever two or more meet, it strengthens the whole network. It seems that the sound and energy work that sound healers are doing is helping to hold the field and support the Earth in her process.

Further, it seems that whales and dolphins, our cetacean cousins, are carrying this work of supporting the Earth in the oceans. Indeed, whales are planetary record keepers, and the song of some of them can cross entire oceans! Dolphins are master communicators. Our hearing range is about 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz maximum, but dolphins can hear and emit sounds up to 195,000 Hz!

... And, there are some sound healers who are connecting with the whales and dolphins to integrate the sound work of land and sea into one supportive network for the Earth and her inhabitants. I am grateful to be part of this bridging team, so to speak, and to have recently received a Maori koauau iwi toroa, an albatross bone side-blown flute, thru what seems a minor miracle, to assist me in this work. It is perfectly suited to the task.