Admetos glyph Meditations with the Transneptunians


The energy is "cold", can be "wet", but not necessarily.

Saw a gargoyle – still, poised to protect.

Like the condensation of a stone, the inner pressure meeting the outside atmosphere to produce a slow cold sweating effect.

This is the state of the "fairytale enchantment" of long, dormant sleep.

There is tremendous energy here! It is directed inwardly though, potential not kinetic energy, which transforms thru crushing intensity of magnetism to(ward) the core – like a slow, relentless implosion – this is how coal becomes diamonds.

Crystallization (of all kinds), often with a quality of brittleness.

This slow process moves the ground of being.

This is the musical drone that can create such a foundation and container of sound (like the tamboura).

In "pure expression" this energy has the magnetic force to bend light or cause curvature of space.

It does have a rhythm and pulse to it (spinal fluid slow?).

It can penetrate dimensions by "leaning into the fabric of space" with infinite slowness and care, with surgical precision.

This is the center of the Circle which moves so slowly as to appear still – whereas the further from the center, the greater is the momentum – yet in truth, the speed is the same.

This can be paralysis, or only seem so – while the form might appear still, the energy is quite intense– this is like a dark retreat (spiritual/meditational) in which the darkness is so complete that the light inherent within the darkness emerges and reveals itself.

The "drone" is also the infinitely fast rush of "cosmic wind", moving so fast and so intensely that it appears to be still and vibrant – this is the slow intentional focus with which one can put a hand through a wall – this may in fact be 'fast' or 'slow', the energy and intent are the same. "Speed" is a most relative term! our perceptual abilities fall far short of the mark – again trying to perceive a 4th or 5th dimension reality with 3rd dimensional eyes and mind.

Penetration to and from Source – it is the same.

A key function of this one is to teach us the relativity of the time dimension.

This is an element in how sound moves matter, through vibration – this has everything to do with the limitation and belief paralysis of our perception of time – which exists as a whole, intrinsically related to but independent from space. It is not the linear or even circular thread that we think, and yet it is also that, in a lesser echo.

The only two directions now are "out" and "in" – and we are far too overbalanced on "out" (i.e. "more").

This is preservative, fermenting from core, erosion, that makes the pearl as well as the diamond, and indeed, much more that we value – this is the same process that refines and matures a soul.

Tectonic plates shifting – always falling, according to gravity – here are the ancient beings of the large rocks and ancient trees, also the old titan spirit beings, so ancient they seem to us lifeless, and yet from their view they are in constant movement and evolution, and we appear to them to be a fleeting whisper with a life as brief as a luna moth, though not without significance, and indeed, relationship to them – all part of the whole.

Admetos is the "Sustainer" to Hades' "Destroyer" – yet we do well to know that these are both creative processes – both transform and can heal down to the cellular level, and then deeper, to the intrinsic energy signature.

"Stop! in the name of Love".

The process of this seemingly "frozen" enchantment is one of potential purification, with a gift of sobering clarity and deepened, softened awareness – it is not without its tenderness and kindness, delicacy and precision, for if these processes were to happen quickly the forms would shatter or combust from the intensity of the pressure ... patience, tempering, time ... a gift of wisdom/wizening is offered to those with the humility and awareness to receive it.

This is a gestation process – it brings birth. when one resists the pressure, denies or tries to circumvent the process, the pain and frustration amplify – this is the feeling of crushing intensity from deep core gravitational forces, yet at the same time the relentless pulse from unimaginable speed of cosmic winds, penetrating deeper than molecular level effortlessly, totally impersonal yet deeply intimate.

++ Denver, 29 October 2000 ++