Zeus glyph Meditations with the Transneptunians


I was asked to first bring in and engage with my anchor for light to help me attune to resonate to the energy, as the anchor would provide an energy recharge and help support my grounding, while quickening my metabolic/vibrational frequency to better meet this energy.

The energy came in as ball lightning and direct lightning, also like a river on fire – there is both "blast" and "flow".

This is an agent of quickening and penetration, also purification.

The energy appeared like the William Blake drawing of the God-being, the Ancient of Days, but more a figure of maturity, not aged, with white flowing hair and penetrating blue eyes, well-muscled, resting in the clouds on one knee, arrow poised in bow ready for ejection, shooting.

Yes, this energy is about shooting, firing, igniting.

Has an affinity to Mars and anger.

The energy is masculine to the extreme – outwardly directed, aggressive, with a very powerful Will.

"X marks the spot" – the X (in the glyph) holds the dynamic of the grand square, the dynamic tension of the two oppositions driving into the centerpoint yet also radiating out from it like a nuclear blast.

The cross-hairs of a gun-sight.

Meditate with the cross configuration again with this energy in mind.

There is also a grounded equilibrium to it, the structure of the implied square whose nature is such that it can reveal obstacles and challenges.

This energy is a major amplifier and booster rocket to whatever energy it connects and allies with.

Red, fever, fiery, inflammation, rash, burns – this is not a temperate energy, it is nearly purely fire.

Also has a strong affinity to Uranus, lightning, and can be abrupt

There is a rhythm and a pulse to it, with echoing aftershocks that ripple out, and often far longer and more far-reaching than most ever notice – I saw the radiating blast of a nuclear bomb.

There are those who unknowingly "brush against" this energy – this is exceedingly dangerous, for they can be compelled to explosive warlike actions.

It is especially dangerous when this energy is mistakenly seen as personal ego will and power.

There is a ground and a discipline to this energy, but not readily related to on a personal level.

This energy relates to machinery, especially machinery based upon combustion, so there are human-friendly applications and manifestations of an otherwise not human-friendly energy.

There is a powerful ability and "knack" for clearing blockages.

Zeus sometimes causes foundational shifts like tectonic plates at the base of the ocean, or of the psyche, that can create a tidal wave reaction.

Soldiers and warriors often resonate to, even aspire to this energy, as more than an extension of Mars.

It can be very loud.

Zeus is also a very creative energy – here the seed quickens ... it is also the ejaculation launching and penetration of seed that ignites the awakening and movement of life-force energy.


High aspiration – not necessarily noble aspiration, but rather ambitious aspiration and motivation.

It can "rip a hole" in the sky, penetrate the firmament – who knows what might come thru from the other side?

Lasers and all their healing and creative applications, as well as the destructive applications.

The energy is capable working within teamwork and strategy, though there is an impulsiveness to it, force.

It can motivate and empower one to superhuman feats of survival when needed, such as the woman who picks up the car that her child is trapped under.

Zeus likes freedom and space, does not do well in confinement!

Capable of some kinds of healing and clearing when used with great skill and discernment – "industrial strength" – Vulcanus is safer for this.

This energy is necessary for physical space travel, though is really too potent for "common use".

Ammunition, dynamite, furnaces, explosives – dangerous!

There is an element of this energy in neurology, and in energy body meridians and channels.

Can fuel ascension – or, the ejection of consciousness at death.

There is the possibility of this energy vociferously clearing away obscurations to clear light awareness, but this is not the easiest or safest way to do this.

Asked to refer to fulgurite, which is lightning-created stone – there is electricity and powerful cosmic winds to it, sometimes with great specificity – it is an instinctive energy, but like the others, not without a manner of awareness and intelligence.

We would do well to humbly learn to work with this energy in positive healing ways, though it will take great skill to do so with the subtlety of approach that would be needed.

Zeus can give intense vision beyond the usual limitations of spectrum – it breaks into other dimensions.

Zeus can give a "jump-start", like heart paddles, on awareness.

++ Denver, 2 March 2002 ++