Meditation with Eris and Dysnomia

~ pt. 1. Eris came in happy, laughing and smiling ~ very lovely in a short Greek toga, and with a bow and arrow ~ and apple. William Tell? kiss and tell! shoot the apple with the arrow... she's smart, quick, and has a good sense of humor, tho apple [sic!] able to hit her target. She told me she's about breaking past linearity, especially when it's a narrow view and illusion. Not much is linear. Told me the herkimer and star blueprint are good choices, as she's about amplification and clarity (herkimer) and 'unimpeded flow' (pentagram). There is a potential for a certain amount of relentlessness [to her energy] here ~ but we certainly do not have to follow the rules that we make up for ourselves! Freedom, spontaniety, loosening and dropping of conditioning. Of course it scares the 'traditional.' I kissed her hand to thank her, and left lucky bamboo for the point.

~ pt. 2. 'Dis-cord' = 'dis-chord' = harmonic dissonance and timbre as higher harmonics and formants, more complex and sophisticated, rich and juicy, tho it sounds harsh and 'bad' to the untrained ear. Time to grow and stretch a little, eh? Also more complex rhythms, and she said right on with my crosscultural music for bridging, moving past xenophobic prejudice, to understanding, and healing. Shock! Wake up! There's a new groove here... gave her another hand kiss, and left pearls and dragons. 'I like pearls and dragons!' ~ she approved. There was a field of wildflowers.

[note: formants are the dominant harmonics that are heard in different instruments, and what creates the timbre of the instrument. Lower, more basic harmonics as formants give a smoother sound, as for example a flute has something like the 1st and 2nd harmonics as formants, but an oboe has something like the 7th and 9th harmonics as formants, and because of that has a grittier, raspier sound. A possible implication here is that the more complex levels of musical harmonics suggest that Eris may also have more resonance with the higher astrological harmonics such as the quintile, septile, and novile series, etc.]

~ pt. 3. We had to arc up high to move from point 2 to point 3. She said the non-linearity was dimensional and geometric (3-D, or 4, or 5) and also regarding time. The dysnomia that so many of us are experiencing is us 'stuttering' on the dimensional quickening shift happening ~ we are ‘getting ahead of ourselves' trying to keep up, so to speak, and there are much bigger cracks in the foundation. She said as you (I) have said often, laughter breaks up crystalization and dissolves pain. She does have a wicked sense of humor. Time for people to stop whining and take responsibility, and take back your ground and your freedom (on multiple levels) ~ ridicule the bastards that are gaming you! There is such interconnectedness ~ string theory ~ 'Indira's web.' Yes, also heal discord. We've been calling for a rebalancing of the 'feminine' relatedness, and it's emerging. More women leaders, and men with more wholeness. But even Magdalene knew this energy. I gave Eris and the point white raisins, and she rolled on the floor laughing at the joke.

[note: this refers to the error in transcription in the Quoran, in which a small accent mark was omitted in copying, which changed the meaning of a significant word to the reward in heaven for martyrdom being virgins, when scholars believe the original actually said the reward was white raisins, a delicacy….]

~ pt. 4. We rode to this point on a horse ~ she likes horses, powerful, strong instinctual nature, and very psychic. She played the harp, melody with oblique motion [melody moving against a steady note], offered me chai in a china cup with saucer. There is also grace and subtlety here... the Romany know this energy, with their free and wandering ways, yet rooted in 'home' in self and tribe. Yes, tribes, and yes, 'all tribes must come together.' She is rooted in universal laws and principles ~ remember that Chaos is a universal law and principle, and what facilitates change, growth, evolution. We are moving at increasingly exponential rates now and need this. She grinned, and said, 'How far down the rabbit hole do you want to go?' And yes, 'What the bleep' was a frontrunner introduction to this one. [Buddhist] 'Emptiness' and also luminous potentiality. Yes, from a small level, she can be a brat, from matured potentiality, a social revoluntionary who guides with wisdom and vision, and does not trip over man-made 'rules.' This is really out of the box. Leaving fields of gold, she kissed my hand...

~ pt. 5. She/we started running to this point like a lungompa ~ a Tibetan 'fast-runner' (recall that Kt Boehrer remembered a past life as one!) then teleported to the point at the top of the star blueprint. We've simply outgrown the old paradigm and 'rules,' and yes, there are those desperately trying to hang on to their knickers, and keep 'em down on the farm. It won't work. Remember a thought from earlier today ~ some of the Chinese sent to occupy Tibet will be drawn over to be supporters instead of occupiers, pulled by their inner thirst and longing for the spiritual, and finding it there. For many conundrums, take a step or two back and consider the context, and the context of the context, and the wholistic life of it, and the little dualistic catch will fall away. Yes, five, not four! Flow, dynamic! 5-element, and yes the 5th harmonic ~ new, yet also echoing back to the essence that has always been. Creativity, when we get out of our own way and instead, 'midwife' our creative expressions. I saw a double full-circle rainbow ~ wholeness, insight, guidance, and new view.

~ center. Beyond limitations, yet while it may look like chaos to the startled, there is a root in integrity and authenticity within the freedom. Again, recall the Tibetan lungompa and flying lamas, etc. There is resonance and harmonics beyond the octaves we know how to hear yet ~ dolphins and whales. The lyric, 'an avalanche in a snowball'... I saw and heard a massive light storm roaring, clearing out so much in purification and activiation. Told to work with seed-syllables to fine-tune, entrain and blossom understanding, realization, and awareness. A sound idea! Help others wake up and activate [their soul contracts]

++ Denver, 17 September 2006 ++