Friends, colleagues and collaborators, teachers, and makers of my favorite instruments.

Musicians, sound healers and educators

Ty Burhoe ~ tabla drum player extraordinaire
Silvia Nakkach ~ Vox Mundi crosscultural healing voice
Pat Moffitt Cook ~ Open Ear Center crosscultural sound and healing
Don Campbell ~ Mozart effect, education
Jonathan Goldman ~ sound healing, harmonics and more
Richard Rudis ~ Tibetan healing with Himalayan singing bowls, gongs, and the source for the finest singing bowls
Steve Coleman ~ top tier jazz saxophone, metaphysical musical thinking, and more

Instrument makers

~ Didgeridoos
Bob Druett – top rate didgeridoos from Darwin, Australia
Ben Hicks ~ top rate didgeridoos and instruction

~ Native American Flutes
Pat Haran
Andrew Begay
Colyn Peterson ~ Woodland Voices
John Kulias ~Meadowlark Flutes


Martha Lang-Wescott – Treehouse Mountain ~ the best of asteroid research
Blake Finley – The Uranian Institute ~ the best site for progressive Uranian astrology, including the work of master Uranian astrologer, Ruth Brummund
Jonathan Dunn – online ephemeris including minor bodies
Mark Andrew Holmes – asteroid interpretations

Art & Tech

Ann Cunningham ~ master tactile artist. see also her work in tactile books for the blind
Rangi Kipa ~ Maori artist in sculpture, carving, Taa Moko
Wendy Howard ~ my website designer. Homeopathy, wisdom, webdesign and a lot more
Scott "Gusty" Christensen ~ my sound engineer, also didgeridoo teacher and maker of great quality innovatively designed didgeridoos


Colombian textile artist Olga de Amaral creates her spectacular pieces by applying gold and silver leaf and acrylic paint, sometimes gesso, to a blank canvas of woven silk, cotton, horsehair or linen. She is one of the textile artists who, in the 1960s, first transformed textile art from a primarily two-dimensional representation into a three-dimensional, abstract art form.The background to the title bar on this site is a detail from Umbra 34, 2003. Fiber, gold leaf, acrylic, 32 x 78.5". Bellas Artes/Thea Burger, Santa Fe, NM & New York, NY.