Cupido glyph Meditations with the Transneptunians


The Cupido energy first appeared as a mature woman carrying a cornucopia filled to overflowing with food and bounty. This is about fertile abundance of creative effort shared in the harvesting of it. There is the understanding that what is given to one does not diminish, but increases what is shared with others. There were rings, garlands of flowers.

Cupido has a relationship to the Circle, and to all that it represents – relationship, creative Essence, cycles and returning, nurturance, creative spirit.

This being is about applied love in applied manifestation (which is not sentimentality), from the harmonized interrelationships of facets of the psyche within the individual, and radiating outward to family, community, and beyond. The stones pink tourmaline, rhodonite, and rose quartz come to mind.

This is not weak, or without proper integrity, balance and boundaries. It is dynamic relationship, not mindless enmeshment. And yet there is the glue of related connectivity to it – it is universal/energetic "connective tissue".

Saw a herd of deer, where each is a sentry for the group, and also for other creatures as well. There is a sense of responsibility here.

The energy is expansive, collecting, and unifying – there is much acceptance to it, and yet not without discernment and responsibilty for the integrity and wellbeing of the whole, unless the energy is out of balance in its functioning.

Heard Sting's song, "Fields of gold" – there is also a tender feeling of devotion and love between lovers and partners, optimally supported by and in balance with the environment.

Stars and constellations – here are the creative sparks of inspiration, which may shine alone, yet more radiantly in harmony with others. The synergy/gestalt of the combined whole adding a further dimension and potential context of meaning and effectiveness.

When an individual is aligned with the divine spark within themselves, their "star energy", so to speak, their creative lifeforce energy will pour forth into the creative forms – music, art, writing, and on. Cupido can magnetize a person to this inner source.

Magnetism is a keyword concept here – each will magnetize and be magnetized to those whose creative energies are resonant with their own, creating a fertile energy exchange of creative collaboration with like, similar, and/or complementary others.

There is protection and safety 'within the tender mercies' of those of intimate shared essence connection.

Schools of fish swimming and turning in perfect unison as they are of one shared mind. Birds, too, those that know how to fly in formation to ease the workload of each thru the cooperative efforts of all – and the same energetic "aerodynamics" of family and community.

Altruism – that which is best for all, where ideally all have primary needs met, before the wants of a few.

This energy crosses dimensions from the personal to the transpersonal and universal.

It's like singing a round, where beautiful harmony in inherent within a single melody line when that melody line is shared and repeated.

There is a sweetness to this energy, but also a formidible power of unification and creative expression - like the tarot card, The Empress.

The unicorn approached, expressing to remember the divine in grace and beauty, and in Love – they all serve the sole purpose of reconnecting you to Source.

This energy's intent is to unify all thru creative expression within themselves, with others, and further outward, in radiating ripples of connectivity and Love, which is the inherent glue that holds the atoms of the universe together, thru expansiveness and cohesion. Often it does this thru joyful expression. It is profound, and yet need not feel 'heavy'... there is a grace and beauty, and a natural inherent rightness and flow to it. It is compassionate.

Indira's Web – seeing the canopy of stars, each connected to the others by shining golden threads, and those golden threads further connecting all creatures, rocks, mountains and lakes, all beings, all people in her intricate web of interrelatedness and interdependence. There is no separation. In the greatest sense, Community embraces all beings, here and beyond, and across the threshold of time.

Do not understimate the little song, poem or story that you write, or the work you do with others in creativity, laughter, the little acts of kindness and caring, prayer or healing. It connects you to the Source, and enlivens all the shining golden threads ... Do not underestimate what sparks of inspiration what you do might ignite in others.

++ Denver, 1 January 2001 ++